A better messenger

A new messenger built to communicate, organize, and reward your communities and friends.

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More than just another messenger


Using a peer-2-peer verification system, users can help secure the system, limit scams/spam, and spot fake accounts


No spies and no hackers in this app - just you and your friends, chatting safely in encrypted groups


Earn SENSE by inviting friends, participating in conversations, and being active


Our end-to-end encryption algorithm makes sure that only conversation members can read your messages


Your data will NEVER be shared or sold to a 3rd party in any way


We make Sense Chat available in multiple languages, to make sure everyone can use our application


SENSE lets you promote content, reward contributors, secure the network and prevent bots and spam

Discover New Rich Features

  • Share photos, videos and files in encrypted conversations
  • Send SENSE directly while you chat
  • Reply to messages with threading to keep conversations organized
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  • Get SENSE for inviting friends
  • Earn SENSE by being active daily
  • Pump messages with SENSE to promote it and give value
  • Require SENSE before allowing someone to chat with you
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Create Powerful Channels

  • Protect your channel from bots and spam
  • Keep your channel active by rewarding members with SENSE
  • Require new members to commit SENSE to join your channel
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Refer friends

Make Sense

Have questions?

If you have any questions email humans@makesense.com

We created Sense Chat because we believe if you’re a contributor to a community, you should be rewarded and if you’re a creator of a community, you should have the tools to engage and organize your members. Whether you want to get your fans to promote your concert, a nightly gaming guild trying to reward members for performing well, or a brand trying to motivate your customers to share new offers, you can reward your members with SENSE. This is why building and joining communities on Sense Chat makes sense!

No, you can create an account on Sense Chat for free.

Yes, and you get SENSE for doing so!

You can earn SENSE by posting great content, being active in your community daily, contributing SENSE to channels, and requiring SENSE for others to direct message you.

You can spend SENSE by vouching for someone! This proves they are who they say they are and helps secure a community, preventing bots and spam from entering. You can also contribute SENSE to communities! This powers up the community and increase how much SENSE you earn daily. SENSE can also be used to 'like' a message. We call this a 'pump'! When you pump a message it increase its visibility in the channel and increases your how much SENSE you earn that day.